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Don't take our word for it...

                                            here's what some of our customers have to say:



Lisa S


I love Renewal Kombucha because the stuff at the store is nowhere near as potent as your product. It has made my stomach feel so good & I don't have the problems I used to.

Maeitta L


I'm currently having chemotherapy treatments that kill the good bacteria in the gut. Drinking kombucha helps restore those good guys. It's satisfying knowing I can give back to my body through kombucha.

Carrie G


My husband and I love Renewal Kombucha because it's so fresh tasting and it's not loaded with extra sugar and other unnecessary ingredients. We also love the fun variety of flavors! Renewal Kombucha has become a staple in our diet.

Robert G


After years of very poor health grounded in digestive difficulties, Renewal Kombucha has become another very welcomed step in my noticeable overall health improvement.  Thanks for all you do! 

Carol S


Personally, I have been free of symptoms of urinary tract infection since regularly drinking a glass of Renewal Kombucha with my evening meal.  I love the probiotic component and flavor varieties, and the fact that it is fresh from the tap. 

Jefferey L


Drinking kombucha is like having a soft drink with the fizz. It has helped out my digestive system immensely and I am just feeling better physically. It is a very nice addition to my regular walking and running excercise. I would encourage anyone to try it for a month and see how you feel.

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