We look forward to meeting you!

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Renewal Kombucha Lititz Taproom

Thursday & Friday - 12-6

Saturday & Sunday - 12-4

51 North Broad Street, Lititz, PA 

What to expect when you're connecting

When you come to visit us, expect to be greeted with a smile and offered a sample of one of our kombucha  flavors. 

You'll find 64oz growlers and 32oz growlettes for sale, which we will gladly fill with your favorite kombucha brew any time you visit us. 

We understand if a half gallon is a little too much commitment for you, after all, we just met, and you haven't even seen how we treat our mothers, or if we leave the toilet seat up, or if our quadruple-decker six-cheese five-alarm nachos are really as amazing as we say they are. For the cautious, we also offer kombucha tasting flights & kombucha-to-go in 10oz recycled plastic cups. 


Also here:  

Also available at these fine retail locations: 

Ancestor Coffeehouse & Creperie (tap) - Campbelltown

B & C Nut Shoppe at Booths Corner Market (tap) - Garnet Valley

Green Circle Organics (bottles) - Lancaster

Green Ridge Acres (tap) - Harrisburg

Harvest Lane Farm Market (bottles) - Lititz

Leg Up Farmers Market (tap & bottles) - York

Pharma-Free Remedies at Central Market (tap) - York

Redner's Fresh Market (tap) - Wyomissing

Sarah's Sweet & Savory Snacks (tap) - York

Saucony Creek Brewing (bottles) - Kutztown

Slate Cafe (tap) - Lititz

The Restorative Center (tap) - Reading 

Weaver's Orchard Farm Store (tap) - Morgantown 

Whole Foods Market (bottles) - Lancaster

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