Flagship Flavors

Sweet and sour combine with smooth white tea for a flavor that's refreshing and tart. This kombucha is guaranteed to cool you down on a hot day. Perfect for picnics in the park, bocce at the beach, and relaxing in recliners. 

Purple Butterfly

No, it's not magically turned purple by fairies. The color has more to do with the butterfly pea flower that we use in the brew. These anti-oxidant rich Asian buds blend with lavender to make a naturally decaf kombucha that's whimsical and playful, with a fragrant, floral essence.  

Seasonal Flavors

Hibiscus Mint Green Tea

This flagship flavor combines the fruity, flowery flavors of hibiscus with the cool bite of peppermint. The tannic goodness of Indian imperial green tea balances out this blend, resulting in a ruby-red sparkling sip of sumptuous satisfaction. 

White Tea Lemongrass

We're always trying something new.

Past seasonals have included:

Turmeric Chai ~ Scarborough Sencha ~ Chaga Mushroom ~

Mojito ~ Strawberry Green Tea ~ Vanilla Chai ~ Spice of Life ~ Beet & Lemon ~ Green Tea Ginger ~ Cran-Apple ~ Sweet Heat ~ Classic Black ~ White Tea Peach ~ Root Beer ~ Tranquili-Tea ~ Juniper Twist ~ Immuni-Tea ~ Fruit 'n' Flower ~ Vitali-Tea ~

XX (women's health blend) ~Eucalyptus Honeybush ~

Purple Butterfly ~ Black Jasmine ~ Roasted Mocha ~
Blueberry Oolong ~ Triple-F (fennel, flax, & fenugreek)


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